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Guaranteeing electrical continuity in the event of power supply disturbances and voltage drops is an urgent necessity in many fields, including the operation of industrial production machinery, the protection of IT structures such as server networks and data centres in commercial and tertiary sectors, energy support systems for medical devices and emergency power supply units for illumination systems.

Static UPS units are a practical and effective solution for neutralising power grid disturbances.

With its RamBatt range, DKC markets over 50 variants of static UPS units, including tower, rack and modular solutions, CEI 0-16-compliant emergency power supply units and for lighting systems, static voltage/frequency converters, and supervision and remote-control software.

With the four ranges – INFO, SOLO, SMALL and TRIO – the DKC Research & Development team has introduced structural improvements to optimise the operation of its UPS units and reduce environmental impact, while enhancing the search for solutions that implement energy performance and generate overall consumption savings for plants:

  • Careful PWM management of fans to minimise consumption and reduce system noise levels
  • Improvement of the grid synchronisation stage to minimise switching and system wear and improve the efficiency of the Economy Mode
  • Efficient management of UPS batteries, optimised with charging curves dependent on the temperature and continuous dynamic control of their integrity
  • The use of new green technology in multi-level servers, generating performances above 97% in on-line operating mode

All UPS units of the RamBatt range designed by DKC feature a cutting-edge communication system based on shutdown software and remote monitoring, so that the end user has total digital control of the system’s operating status and can manage the settings in a practical and intuitive way.



The INFO series is available in the tower version with the 600-800-1,200-1,500-2,000 VA models, in the PDU version with the 600 VA model and in the INFO R PRO version with the 1,000-2,000-3,000 VA models. All models are equipped with the Line-Interactive technology and, in the absence of mains power, the load will be powered by wave inverters optimised for computer loads, guaranteeing sufficient autonomy for the shutting down of computing systems.

Compact dimensions, improved autonomy with extremely high MTBF and high performance up to 98% make INFO series units an ideal solution for straightforward and effective protection requirements.

Thanks to their digital control and high-precision AVR stabiliser, they are suitable for protecting small computer networks, workstations of professional service firms, LANs and cash registers.

The Info R Pro 3000 UPS units by DKC were recently used also by a home care organisation involved in home treatment of lung disease, to ensure the operating continuity of medical ventilators.



The SMALL series is available in the tower versions with the 1,000 - 2,000 - 3,000 VA models and in the rack version (SMALL R) with the 1,000 - 2,000 - 3,000 VA models.

Both feature on-line double conversion technology for maximum protection and reliability in critical applications such as server rooms, TLC systems and data transmission.

Complete with a high-contrast adjustable LCD offering a bird’s eye view of all the main electrical parameters.

It is able to satisfy the most diverse needs thanks to several operating modes, namely: On-Line (load always powered by an inverter), Eco-ModeBypass (UPS off and configured for operating in bypass mode with battery under charge).



The SOLO UPS is available in the MD version (tower/in rack enclosure - conversion) or MMB version (long autonomy on wheels) and is the ideal solution for powering single-phase loads in industrial PLCs, electromedical devices and emergency devices.

The SOLO MD compact version is the only that can be used in data centres, server rooms or by service providers.

Its distinguishing feature is accurate, temperature-based battery management with continuous automatic control, which means that the UPS can be used in emergency power supply unit mode with extended autonomy and short charging times; the SOLO models can be used, in conformity to the EN50171 standard, for powering emergency lighting systems in permanent or non-permanent mode, with or without an isolation transformer.



TRIO XT UPS is the innovative range of three-phase UPS units consisting of three compact models with a power of 30, 40 and 50 kW respectively, designed by incorporating new-generation technologies to guarantee excellent performances above 97%.

Available in TM (single-phase output), TT (three-phase output) and XT versions, it is the professional solution for systems with three-phase power supply.

Fully digital control, via high-performance DSP, coupled with the most advanced engineering solutions, ensure easy installation and maintenance and make TRIO UPS units among the most efficient products on the market in the three-phase segment, despite their extremely straightforward design.

The cutting-edge communication system, consisting of a touch-screen display and Generex remote monitoring software, ensure quick and intuitive management of the system and digital control of operating status, alarms, history, settings and parameters.


DKC yet again confirms its values: technical experience, careful choice of premium materials and the design of cutting-edge, solid and durable solutions customised to satisfy any need.

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