45053?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprima?.GetPropertyValue( 31/08/2021 DKC is at the forefront of providing practical, innovative solutions to meet the varied needs of energy management and IT infrastructure. Automation, digitisation, industry and company 4.0 are the keywords of development in the most crucial production sectors in response to the growing need for flexible, customised, and interconnected solutions. Read more 44627?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprima?.GetPropertyValue( 21/07/2021 DKC RANKS AMONGST THE 30 CHAMPION COMPANIES IN THE METAL MECHANICAL SECTOR DKC was awarded this prestigious recognition promoted by the ItalyPost Study Centre that saw the company place amongst the 30 top performers in the metalworking sector Read more 44200?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprima?.GetPropertyValue( 25/06/2021 DKC RANKS 24TH ON THE ‘MAGNIFICI 200’ LIST Centro Studi ItalyPost and l'Economia by Corriere della Sera include Gruppo DKC among the best medium-sized Italian companies for its development and robustness. Read more 44007?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprima?.GetPropertyValue( 11/06/2021 DKC OBTAINS UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 CERTIFICATION The Group has made significant investments in energy efficiency and environmental protection Read more 43902?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprima?.GetPropertyValue( 01/06/2021 DKC EUROPE FOR ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND DISTRIBUTION CQE modular enclosures and the Simplified Monoblock solution for safe and efficient installation. Read more 43701?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprima?.GetPropertyValue( 24/05/2021 INTRODUCING JBOX, THE NEW SERIES OF UNIVERSAL BOXES IN THE COSMEC RANGE Jbox as the solution for electrical components protection Read more 43018?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprima?.GetPropertyValue( 07/04/2021 DKC ENLARGES ITS RANGE OF RAMKLIMA AIR-CONDITIONERS Indoor and outdoor solutions also for the American market Read more 42909?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprima?.GetPropertyValue( 29/03/2021 DKC EVENT "BATTITO": A BEAT OF MORE THAN 20 YEARS DKC celebrates its successes with an online event towards the future of energy and sustainability.   Read more
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