DKC will be attending the 10th edition of SPS Italia at Fiere Parma, a long-awaited event by Decision Makers in the manufacturing sector to debate on the most challenging issues of tomorrow's industry

SPS Italia is back after two years of forced absence. The largest trade fair on Industry Smart and Digital Automation opens the doors again at Fiere di Parma from 24 to 26 May, full of great surprises.

Let’s start with some figures: 6 exhibition halls, 3 days of conferences and workshops, more than 90% of exhibitors from the last edition, and +11% of new attendees. Great technological innovation will be on display, especially in the thematic areas presented in the 3 Halls of the District 4.0 demonstration path: i.e., Digital & Software, Robotics and Mechatronics, Additive Manufacturing, and Advanced Automation.

Sustainability will be the common denominator as well as the focus of various concurrent conferences and panel discussions.

DKC is going to be one of the main protagonists at SPS Italia. In our Stand No. I061 (Hall 5), we will be showcasing made in Italy know-how with our unique and comprehensive product range, spanning from the electrical sector to industrial automation. At DKC, we’ve always worked to promote maximum synergy between technical skills, research and development, with an eye not only on production efficiency, but also on people. Over the years, through a strong acquisition policy, we have integrated Italian companies into our Group, and fostered the growth and development of individual units with multi-perspective vision. For this reason, today we can offer a wide range of innovative and reliable solutions that best meet many different market needs.

Grafi enclosures are one of our new products being exhibited at SPS Italia. The new vertical junction of the Conchiglia Line makes this range of extremely functional and customizable fibreglass roadside enclosures even more versatile. This new vertical junction is available with 3 different frame versions. Quick and easy to assemble, it greatly extends the opportunities for vertical modularity, while making the whole modular structure robust and safe.

Among our lines, you will find Net One: an all-in-one solution based on a 19" Rack enclosure and equipped with air conditioning, UPS, and fire detection and extinguishing system. Net One – also available in the compact Net One S version – ensures maximum safety, continuity, and remote monitoring to IT infrastructures in Edge Computing, in both conventional and harsh environments.

RamBlock’s modular CQE enclosures are also available in a broad offering range. This energy automation and distribution line features over 100 models to meet highly different strategic needs and safely contain electrical and electronic equipment, protecting it from water, dust, and external agents.

Worth mentioning for CQE enclosures is the door lock.  With this versatility-enhancing accessory, all the doors in a battery of enclosures can be opened simultaneously only when the initial one is unlocked. For optimal line efficiency, this product is suitable for control cabinets in industrial plants and automation.

Our RamBlock line also includes CE and CDE junction boxes, available in various sizes and customizable with a wide range of accessories.

Both series of boxes are also available in AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel. The latest addition to the line is the stainless-steel frame for CE boxes.

The Ram family also includes the RamBatt line, dedicated to energy conversion, and offering many different solutions: uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), static converters, and electronic stabilizers, all available in single-phase and three-phase versions. At SPS ITALIA trade show you will find: INFO UPS (suitable for protecting small IT networks, workstations, and servers); SOLO UPS (for important systems with single-phase power supply requiring very high performance and also suitable for critical applications); and the professional TRIO XT UPS three-phase solution based on the latest technology. Thanks to a multi-level inverter and efficient battery management in all operating modes, it is designed to guarantee excellent (97%) efficiency.

The ‘Ram’ triad is completed by the RamKlima line of electrical panel air conditioning systems. SPS Italia offers us the opportunity to give more visibility to our “air conditioners for harsh environments” - which guarantee full indoor and outdoor operating efficiency, within a wide temperature range (-20°/+65°C) as can be experienced in the steel industry, in furnaces, and heat treatment plants;  and by “Slim OUT”, designed for cooling cabinets in batteries and in all those applications where small-sized air conditioners are required, with as little as possible protrusion from the electrical panel.

The wide range of metal and plastic cable protection systems of our Cosmec Line will also be presented at our stand: conduits, fittings, and junction boxes.  All of them are also available in the ATEX IECEx version for potentially explosive environments.

Last but not least, we will be showcasing our Combitech Line of metal cable trays, which has proved to be one of the most competitive on the market, also thanks to its original slide-in system, developed and patented by DKC over 30 years ago. Its many advantages include: extremely easy and quick assembly of the various components, with time savings of up to 60%; self-retaining system, which makes tightening bolts and assembling components much easier; significantly less screws/ nuts are required; minimum use of linear joints, which are no longer required with the slide-in coupling design; no earthing plate required (electrical continuity guaranteed by the slide-in system); no gaps between assembled components (no need for any joint cover piece); all the above advantages, while guaranteeing maximum safety.

Come and visit us at SPS Italia Fiere Parma (Hall 5 – Stand No. I061), to see all our new products.

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