Safety and efficiency, toghether with constant attention to our customer’s business, are the cornerstones of DKC's philosophy.

With the Combitech line of metal cable trays and Sati Italia branded cable trunkings, these features become even more evident with our original slide-in coupling system, the perfect trait d'union between the various solutions offered by our product range.

 This slide-in coupling was patented more than 30 years ago by Sati Italia’s founders and its great advantages made it immediately popular.

 DKC ‘s slide-in coupling is obtained during metal sheet forming, with specially drawn ends.  Assembling the various components becomes extremely easy and quick with this patented solution.

Its advantages are the following:

- Slide-in coupling for both straight elements (ducts and covers) and accessories.

- ‘Self-supporting’ system, which makes tightening bolts and assembling components much easier.

- Significantly less screws/ nuts are required.

- Minimum use of linear joints, which are no longer required with the slide-in coupling design, saving up to 60% assembly time.

- No earthing plate required (electrical continuity guaranteed by the slide-in system).

- No gaps between assembled components (no need for any joint cover piece).

As already mentioned, in addition to efficiency, DKC also focuses on safety. Hence, seamless side edges of both ducts and covers ensure greater load resistance, while covers may be "snapped-on" without any screws or clips.

The overall benefits offered by DKC/Sati Italia cable trays and trunkings are quite obvious: easy, safe and extremely versatile products, since all types of different configurations can be achieved with  highly compatible accessories, while different cable trays can be used within the same project, without the need for any other elements or adapters.

These features have inevitably led to other similar products being available on the market, proving the validity and success of DKC-Sati Italia's slide-in coupling design, which for 30 years has been an ‘evergreen’ product recognized by the entire industry.

Therefore, our Group’s attention to the design of high-performing solutions spans from new line production to working out all the details, while guaranteeing maximum efficiency and competitiveness to all our customers and making DKC your business partner of excellence.

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