5 and 7 Grafi fibreglass roadside enclosures by DKC are getting new functions and more flexibility with Conchiglia vertical junction

The electrical distribution field is evolving at an incredibly high speed, with an extremely dynamic market  spurred by the industry 4.0 revolution, strong pressure to enhance environmental sustainability, and energy development. Versatility becomes the key word for the most innovative companies.

DKC is one of the leading organisations promoting this manufacturing style: the quality and reliability of our products are the result of Made in Italy know-how, which our organisation has always fostered and spread in all our production sites in Italy, focusing on developing solutions that can meet the different needs of industrial sectors with great flexibility and – even more important– safety.

Conchiglia Line’s new vertical junction, specially designed for the 5 and 7 fibreglass enclosures of the Grafi series, goes precisely in this direction: guaranteeing even higher modularity and further expanding our standard range.

The Grafi series was indeed designed with the aim to offer a wide, functional and competitive range of components for roadside enclosures that could be easily integrated with each other. Our fibreglass enclosures are available in two mutually interchangeable IP protection ratings (IP44 and IP55) and in nine different heights, four widths, and two depths. They come with internal accessories, backplates, and bases. These highly adaptable enclosures can be customised internally with up to over 500 versions, offering the right answer to every installation need.

With Conchiglia new vertical junction, their modularity is now even simpler and more reproducible. The traditional assembly kit  – featuring compartment fixing screws and sealing gasket  – has been replaced by a connection frame (the actual junction) which can be kept open, closed or with an endplate with conical membranes, to be mounted instead of the base of the upper module and the roof of the lower one.

This is an absolutely streamlined and quick method, requiring no cutting nor measuring, but simply a couple of screws and bolts, so that the various components are always correctly mounted. In addition, already installed enclosures can be expanded in few easy steps.

Full vertical modularity is ensured by the three versions of the connection frame, for enclosures, bases and top panels. The resulting seamless modular structure is stronger and safer than any previously obtained combinations, with a clear improvement in mechanical characteristics such as resistance to impact and external stress.

The open junction provides  the last step in customization, which can also be completed at a later stage with the closing end-plate available in our catalogue.

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