DKC is at the forefront of providing practical, innovative solutions to meet the varied needs of energy management and IT infrastructure.

Automation, digitisation, industry and company 4.0 are the keywords of development in the most crucial production sectors in response to the growing need for flexible, customised, and interconnected solutions.

Such development has not caught DKC unaware but placed it as high-level energy management and IT infrastructure partner.

A wide range of items is available for increasingly elevated operational efficiency, reliability, and performance. The 19” rack cabinets, available in floor and wall-mounted versions with screen or glass doors, were designed to hold servers and network devices with the highest safety standards. They come equipped with a large number of components and accessories to meet the customer’s configurations. Static universal power supplies (UPS) in the RamBatt line are available in the INFO, SMALL, and SOLO range. These three ranges have specific features for different uses.

The INFO range, available in the Tower, PDU, and INFO R PRO versions, is equipped with Line-Interactive technology. The load is fed from the grid and stabilised in amplitude by the automatic regulation device (AVR) and EMI filters, protecting the system from surges. When the electrical grid is unavailable, the load is fed by an inverter with a wave optimised for computer loads.

With digital control and the high-precision AVR stabiliser, the INFO line protects small computer networks, workstations, and small servers.

With its high safety and reliability, the Tower or Rack version of the SMALL series is the professional solution for systems with reduced consumption. The On-Line Double conversion technology provides maximum protection and safety in a reduced size for critical applications such as server rooms, TLC systems, and data transmission.

In the MD (Tower/Rack convertible) and MMB (long autonomy, wheeled) versions, the SOLO line is the professional solution for critical systems with single-phase power that require high performance and can be used in critical applications. They are compliant with the EN50171 standard for powering emergency lighting systems in an always-on or emergency-only mode, with or without an isolation transformer. Complete digital control through a high-performance DSP, combined with engineering solutions that allow for easy installation and maintenance, make the SOLO group of products one of the best on the market in the single-phase static UPSs. Programmed shut-down software and network diagrams for system management via the SNMP protocol are available.

These products are accompanied by the innovative Net One solution, an air-conditioned cabinet by DKC that guarantees safety, continuity, and remote monitoring for IT infrastructures in edge computing, both in traditional and demanding environments.

Available in the Net One and Net One S versions, this all-in-one solution uses a 19” rack cabinet equipped with an air conditioning system, UPS, and a system to detect and extinguish fires. A monitoring system controls the cabinet through a touch web interface, allowing all parameters to be monitored and making them always available.

Net One and Net One S are independent of the supplementary air conditioning systems, making them versatile and safe for different installations, even in demanding environments. The overall wear on the two conditioners is balanced in versions with redundant air conditioners since their operation is alternated. In addition, if one of the two air conditioners fails, cooling continuity is guaranteed by the second machine. If periods of exceptionally high temperatures occur, the combined use of the two devices allows the temperature to remain within the set range.

Net One and Net One S are smart, safe, and reliable solutions, optimising the time required to install IT infrastructures, including Compact Data Centres, Disaster Recovery, or Business Continuity.

The new, more versatile and compact Net One S version has a 24-unit rack — compared to the 42 standard — and is suitable for reduced areas or where less space is available for the IT infrastructure.

The DKC Group confirms the constant evolution of its products, placing clients, with their dynamics and different needs, at the centre of its mission. It does so with close attention to the market and the development of technological trends to offer increasingly effective services and high-level production processes.

The energy sector, its management, and inclination towards an increasingly sustainable future are critical elements of the DKC R&D department. It aims to protect the digital treasure of its computer processes and edge computing while updating the most advanced projects.

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