The RamBlock Line of CQE modular enclosures gets stronger with a Baying Kit, thus confirming its versatility, ease of assembly, and greater safety.

CQE modular enclosures are among RamBlock Line’s flagship products and the result of DKC Group’s constant innovation in technological research aimed to provide increasingly high-performing and competitive product offerings to our partners.

Customisation, modularity and flexibility: these are the keywords that make our CQE enclosures so successful for indoor applications, not only as control panels for industrial systems but also in the automation industry. Actually, these are the fields where they best prove their versatility and efficiency in low voltage distribution and industrial automation applications.

The over 100 models, all made of sheet steel, in both assembled and KIT versions, are available in a wide range of sizes, five heights (1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200 cm), each with different dimensions.

Our modular design is best proved with our Baying KIT:  with this accessory, different cabinet structures can be joined together easily and safely, thus offering greater application flexibility.

The kit consists of 8 spacers, bolts for assembly, and an adhesive gasket. With the latter gasket, IP 55 degree of protection is ensured, while the 8 fixing points are designed to ensure mechanical strength.

Several enclosures can be lifted at the same time, using strong brackets to be placed on the enclosure roof.

In addition, the base central flange, between the two angles, may rotate, thus forming a stronger joint, while ensuring the passage of cables.

Wiring panels, with side guides for mounting, are bench-assembled with a KIT for adding several panels at the same time.

The internal door is mounted directly on the cabinet structure with uprights and crossbars. Please note that the external door is always mounted with the hinges on the right. If you want to change its swing, the hinges must be moved to the left and also the rods and the handle must be repositioned.

To conclude, quite an easy installation, made even easier with the new DKC video dedicated to the BAYING KIT, where installation in a few simple steps is demonstrated to support you in accomplishing effective projects and installations.

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