DKC was awarded this prestigious recognition promoted by the ItalyPost Study Centre that saw the company place amongst the 30 top performers in the metalworking sector

On Monday, 19th July at the Sala Buzzati del Corriere della Sera in Milan, a gathering was held to celebrate the Top 30 companies in the Made in Italy engineering sector, which includes the DKC Group.

The ranking comes from the 4th survey conducted by the ItalyPost Study Centre for the Economy of Corriere della Sera, with the contribution of Aida Bureau Van Dijk, the Credit Agricole banking group and the consulting company lean auxiell, which decrees the 1,000 best-performing companies based on their 2013–2019 financial statements.

From here, further analysis led to the selection of the Top 30 for each of the four main sectors of Made in Italy, being: chemical-pharmaceutical; textile, fashion and clothing; food & beverage; and engineering.

The DKC Group has earnt its excellence thanks to a 2019 Group turnover of 359,435 million euro and an analysis of operations that examined the last 6 years of activity, processing the data according to strict corporate and economic criteria (including CAGR, EBITDA and Net Financial Position).

This result represents an achievement certifying a winning business strategy, characterised by constant and high-performance growth, which can be summarised in certain assets that are indispensable for ‘doing business’: technological innovation, green transition, know-how and training.

During the Top Enterprises 2021 event, Gian Luca Marchi Boschini, as Vice General Manager of DKC, was interviewed by Corriere della Sera journalist Fabio Sottocornola, outlining to the audience the main stages of the Group’s growth, describing the market trends and the solutions to have contributed to the achievement of the prestigious economic objectives subject to ItalyPost’s analysis. In particular, Marchi Boschini stressed the importance of the quality of DKC products and the dynamism of the Group in terms of Research & Development. There was also a focus on the strategy of acquisitions, on the great effort put into integration between the Group companies and on the fundamental role of human capital, DKC’s ultimate strength.

With this DNA, the DKC Group adopted right from its very beginning some 20 years ago a courageous policy of acquisitions that has strengthened its leadership in the Italian market within the sector, thanks to a constant quantitative and qualitative implementation of the offer, always at the forefront. The synergy of skills and know-how has thus become increasingly ambitious and competitive, making it possible to achieve high-performance solutions in the realm of plant engineering for the electrotechnical and industrial automation sectors.

Furthermore, this corporate vision has allowed DKC to set off on a path of sustainability that involves the entire value chain – indeed, for us, the green transition not only represents compliance with a practice required by the legislator but is effectively an essential element for doing business in a responsible manner.

These reasons render DKC extremely proud of the result achieved and confirmed by this recognition that attests to the goodness of the entrepreneurial intuitions of a Group that has always transformed crises – be they economic, financial, political or, in recent years, also health – into opportunities for growth, looking forward with even greater determination.

And it is also and especially a reason to be grateful to the people who make up the great DKC team – a human value that underlies the very foundation of the company and which is still identified today in a family passionate about their work, a group of competent professionals who are capable and animated by the desire to grow, to constantly redefine their limits and to explore ever-new technological pathway. Be they very young, young or more mature, all are determined to deepen constructive discourse with the territories and markets, to always identify new opportunities in order to be up-to-date, to specialise, to be involved and to open up to the future with great determination and daring.

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