Centro Studi ItalyPost and l'Economia by Corriere della Sera include Gruppo DKC among the best medium-sized Italian companies for its development and robustness.

DKC is a leader in the design and creation of solutions for the electrotechnical and industrial automation sector. It ranks near the top of the ‘Magnifici 200’ classification of entrepreneurial companies situated between €120 million and €500 million in turnover. It is part of Italy “makes the future but is nearly always out of the spotlight.”

With more than €359 million in sales in 2019, the Group ranks 24th in the list of companies that could cross the limit between medium and large industries, representing the guiding axis for Italian development. 

This is an excellent result among small-medium Italian companies, which invoiced €45.4 billion in sales in 2019, with an average annual growth of 9.31% since 2013.

With careful company management balanced by knowledge and forward-looking investments, DKC has faced every challenge with outstanding professionalism and teamwork, placing its goals in perspective. These results indicate a reliable company capable of developing, responding to and anticipating trends. This makes the company a favoured partner for systems in the electrotechnical and industrial automation sectors.

The numbers speak for themselves. In addition to total turnover, the company made US $90 million in strategic investments in the last three years. It has 101,000 square metres of warehouse, 188,000 square metres of production factory, 40 plants and warehouses worldwide, 22 offices in eight countries, including 14 in Italy, and a 3,700-strong workforce.

All this is accompanied by a careful purchasing policy and product implementation, which has led to the integration of key companies in the sector, which guarantee knowledge, experience, networking, and local familiarity. Examples include Cepi (Combitech line), Costel (RamBlock line), Cosmec, Conchiglia, Enerconv, Steeltecnica and the recent RGM, Sati Italia, with the affiliated Sati Tunisia and Procan.

Entrepreneurial companies such as DKC are courageous and aware of needs, and guarantee variety and prospects in the socio-economic fabric of Italy. Moreover, they support the process that turns the medium-sized companies of today into the large enterprises of the future. This future is yet to be written, but already guarantees an excellent and advanced production and focus on sustainable dynamics, to protect the planet and people. And when innovation, technology, and sustainability move in step, success is a sure bet.

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