The Group has made significant investments in energy efficiency and environmental protection

DKC has obtained voluntary UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification, which certifies the ’company’s compliance with international procedures and strategies for improving the internal environmental management system and ensuring its excellent performance.

This recognition demonstrates the Group’s commitment and willingness to structurally and functionally manage its environmental responsibilities, with a system that monitors energy consumption and minimises waste for actual needs.

The result is practical actions and investments which optimise the use of raw materials, establishing plant energy autonomy, and reducing water and chemical consumption, and lowering emissions. This follows the standards and specifications of other management systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification requires environmental analysis to define shared parameters for achieving the management system's objectives, to continuously improve performance. The process involves a risk assessment and correction plan,  introducing environmental responsibility, monitoring activities, and complying with the procedures and rules on keeping records.

The aim is to provide the organisation with a framework for protecting the environment and responding to changing environmental conditions following socio-economic needs.

This company policy is proving to be highly successful, with many productivity and value advantages for the company. The system permits cost control with the conscious use of material and energy, significantly improving yield and efficiency and ensuring financial savings. Instead, monitoring the parameters makes it possible to define annual improvement objectives to avoid potentially harmful impact and guarantee perfect integration with the local area. Overall, it is a valuable tool for safeguarding corporate assets: it allows the company to assess technological investments and best-prevent and manage emergencies or environmental accidents.

It represents the DKC Group’s long-term commitment to identifying and controlling the effects of its activities, products, and services on people and the environment. It is a different but admirable stance that demonstrates the Group's intention, and its community, to be part of a process of essential change in the industrial world.

Technology, innovation and sustainability are the guiding principles for the Group choices and the corporate culture , which has been looking to the future of energy to continue growing. Overseeing the sector of power electronics, suggesting cutting-edge solutions for the storage of energy, particularly energy produced from renewable sources, are the next steps in the rapid and continuous evolution of an international company that intends to respond to the market's latest needs with solutions and processes that are sustainable and efficient.

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