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Our solutions: cabinets, boxes and cable protection systems

DKC offers comprehensive, reliable and practical solutions for the protection of cables and electrical equipment

DKC Group

Established in 1998, DKC Group has become a leading manufacturer of cable tray systems and energy protection, transport and distribution solutions for civil and industrial infrastructures. Combined with the strategic acquisition of major Italian companies, the desire for growth and the changing market allowed DKC to expand rapidly on an international scale.


Success factors:

  • Technologically innovative and highly functional products
  • Effective logistics
  • Continuously monitored business processes
  • Attention to customer needs
  • Effective pre- and post-sales support service

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12864?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprimaAssociati?.GetPropertyValue( Simplified monobloc cabinet The Simplified Monobloc Cabinet is the new functional and versatile solution proposed by DKC 20/11/2019
12865?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprimaAssociati?.GetPropertyValue( CQE Modular cabinet DKC, through its RamBlock line, offers a wide range of solutions designed to fully satisfy all the needs of industrial automation operators and low v... 08/11/2019
12867?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprimaAssociati?.GetPropertyValue( Combitech - F5 DKC, through its COMBITECH line, presents a set of cable protection solutions through metal cable trays for 22/11/2019
12866?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprimaAssociati?.GetPropertyValue( Cable protection systems for potentially explosive environments DKC, through the Cosmec line, has launched the ATEX IECEx range of products and accessories designed for 19/11/2019
12874?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprimaAssociati?.GetPropertyValue( Plinths for modular cabinets, monobloc cabinets and consoles Ease of installation and versatility 09/11/2019
12872?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprimaAssociati?.GetPropertyValue( DKC fan filter system- Protection, functionality and resistance The DKC fan filter system proposed through the RamKlima line is the ideal solution for electrical cabinet cooling and ventilation problems 12/11/2019
12873?.Immagini?.Yb_ImmagineAnteprimaAssociati?.GetPropertyValue( UPS SOLO MD The DKC RamBatt line, strengthened by its collaboration with a specialised team in the R&D sector and thanks to the use of sophisticated analysis... 18/11/2019
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