Simplified monobloc cabinet

Practicality and efficiency

The Simplified Monobloc Cabinet is the new functional and versatile solution proposed by DKC, alongside the traditional CAE range of the RamBlock line, thus responding to all types of industry needs.

The advantages differentiating and distinguishing the new Simplified Monobloc Cabinet include:

  • reduced weight, thus facilitating movement and installation,
  • increased size of mounting panel to optimise the installation space and promote greater sturdiness;
  • increased useful internal space, the nominal size being equal,
  • removable front and rear doors.

In addition, a number of other characteristics confirm the excellence of DKC manufacturing standards, such as high-level safety, efficiency and durability, guaranteed by the structure made entirely in steel (including the mounting panel) and IP55 protection rating.

The range offers a broad series of executions, in addition to the fact that the plinth, front door and rear panel are compatible with the traditional CQE and CAE series, thus ensuring continuity of use between the RamBlock product lines.

Simplified Monobloc Cabinets are also characterised by their high versatility of use, ideal as control panels for machine tools, offering high performance in electronic applications and particularly beneficial for low voltage distribution.

DKC has once more designed a practical and strategic solution in response to the demands of the industrial and machinery sectors, confirming the high level of professionalism and attention to client needs.


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