Cable protection systems for potentially explosive environments

Certified security without limitations

DKC, through the Cosmec line, has launched the ATEX IECEx range of products and accessories designed for the development of electrical installations in potentially explosive environments up to zones 1/2 and 21/22 (EPL Db-Gb).

The range consists in products of the highest quality achieved through a combination of production and design choices specifically aimed at perfecting every single construction detail.

Specifically, the products are:

  • Connectors and accessories,
  • Junction boxes,
  • Cable glands,
  • Components: adaptors / reducers - plugs.

In compliance with Directive 2014/34/EU, the certifying body IMQ has notified that DKC has a quality production system compliant with Annex VII of the Directive, ensuring manufactured products can be used in zones 1/2 and 21/22 at a European and international level, thanks to ATEX, IECEx, EACEx certification.

In regards to cable glands, safety is certified without restrictions or special conditions of use; in fact, the IMQ certification process was conducted by simulating extreme conditions in every test carried out, thus guaranteeing maximum conformity to all requirements.

The fields of application are numerous:

  • Refineries, drilling platforms, processing and transformation plants
  • Gas distribution plants and centres
  • Printing, textiles and paper industries
  • Plane refuelling and hangars
  • Chemical plants
  • Grain receiving and storage plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Surface treatment and coating plants
  • Wood processing plants
  • Sugar refineries
  • Ships
  • Power plants.

The DKC offer always reflects its strong commitment to design, aimed at perfecting the functionality and efficiency of the products intended to support all types of projects and installations.


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