DKC fan filter system- Protection, functionality and resistance

Protection, functionality and resistance

The DKC fan filter system proposed through the RamKlima line is the ideal solution for electrical cabinet cooling and ventilation problems, in cases where the outdoor temperature is lower with respect to the desired temperature inside the electrical cabinet.

It consists in a ventilation unit and grille with filter in addition to a series of adaptors allowing optimisation of the air flow.

Protection, functionality and resistance are the key aspects on which DKC has focused in order to give life to this new project.

More specifically:

The co-moulded thermoplastic rubber seal allows improved protection against water and dust (IP54 as per EN 60529 standard).

Thanks to the interlocking filter unit, cover opening with front pushbutton, elastic fixing clips eliminating the need for screws, functionality is improved and time is saved during the assembly phase.

The high quality of the primary materials along with the innovative design also ensures improved resistance against mechanical strain.

The range is available in 5 sizes, all with CE marking and in RAL7035.

Thanks to this new line, DKC once more confirms its ability to propose diversified solutions, focusing on maintaining the high quality of its primary materials and on key concepts of functionality and resilience, offering extremely competitive performance levels.



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