Combitech - F5

DKC, through its COMBITECH line, presents a set of cable protection solutions through metal cable trays for the development of electrical installations.


In particular, the F5 range consists in a mesh cable tray made of metal wire, for the creation of infrastructures and the development of electrical installations.

Designed with a structure that allows easy and fast assembly, and developed in compliance with standard CEI EN 61537, *** is the ideal response to national and international market needs.


The system is one of the most complete ranges in terms of the size of the mesh tray, with edge heights 30, 50, 80, 100 mm and base widths from 50 to 600 mm.


The structural characteristics are designed to simplify installation processes and allow increased autonomy and practicality of use:


  • Unlike other cable trays commonly available on the market, the DKC F5 range guarantees maximum safety for the installer because it eliminates the risk of damaging cables during laying and avoids direct contact with the sharp tips of the metal wires. The sides of the structure feature reinforcement ribbing to guarantee maximum longitudinal resistance.
  • The special shape of the mesh cable tray, in addition to facilitating access to the cables, also allows improved ventilation of the power line, which is very important to reduce normal heating. Assembly is fast and simple, requiring minimum use of accessories and performed directly on-site,
  • A broad range of universal fixing elements,
  • Reduced power consumption due to the elimination of the thermal effect.


The attention and research dedicated to the design of DKC products has made it possible to combine the F5 Combitech system with C5 Combitech systems (IP20/40/44 ducting and trunking) and L5 Combitech systems (ladder trays), thus developing a complete ducting system for the transport of power lines.


This new line by DKC once more confirms its capacity to propose innovative and versatile solutions, focusing on key concepts of functionality and reliability and offering extremely competitive solutions perfectly in line with the demands of the relative market.

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