Plinths for modular cabinets, monobloc cabinets and consoles

Ease of installation and versatility

DKC, through the RamBlock line, proposes the new plinth for CQE modular cabinets, monobloc cabinets and consoles.

Featuring a totally renewed design, plinths for cabinets in the RamBlock line have been designed to satisfy all types of market needs and guarantee the final user ease of installation and versatility of use, thanks to the characteristics of modularity, practicality, simplified mobility and stability setting them apart.

The plinth, easy to compose, is developed in such a way that the weight is borne by the corner elements, - characterised by high stability and resilience thanks to their design in 25/10 steel sheets - which significantly facilitates their removal to insert the flanges.

The front and side flanges don’t need to be assembled before the cabinet is located in its permanent position, thus avoiding the risk of damaging the plinth during transport, which is possible without pallets.

The plinths are available in formats with differing heights for both modular and monobloc cabinets (100/200 mm) and for compact and modular consoles (100/200 mm). Moreover, their modular nature means individual components of the plinth can be purchased separately, thus offering a smart solution to all possible installer needs

DKC, through the RamBlock line, once more confirms its strong focus on market needs, introducing innovative concepts geared toward maximum client satisfaction.

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