CQE Modular cabinet

Maximum versatility and functionality

DKC, through its RamBlock line, offers a wide range of solutions designed to fully satisfy all the needs of industrial automation operators and low voltage power distribution.


Among the numerous products proposed, CQE Modular Cabinets focus on aspects of versatility, modularity and functionality, distinctive elements of primary importance in all DKC production.


The CQE Modular Cabinet is proposed in various formats, boasting more than 100 models available in both an assembled and KIT version, characterised by five different heights, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200 cm, each available in variable sizes.


The strategic characteristics of models in the CQE line ensure their great versatility and adaptability, allowing optimal and efficient use:

  • Removable rear door and front door with universal reinforcing frame for CQE and CAE series,
  • Removable roof and walls for improved access and optimal visibility from both above and the sides,
  • Die-cast zamak hinges with std 130° opening, also available with 180° opening,
  • Adjustable cable gland plate in galvanized sheet metal,
  • Patented uprights, folded eight times and welded,


Ideal for all applications; CQE Modular Cabinets are particularly suited to low voltage distribution and ideal as control panels for both industrial plants and the electronics sector.


Their full compatibility with the accessories of CAE models - the identity of components such as doors, rear panels, internal plates and other - allow rational and fast designs, thus drastically reducing warehousing costs.


DKC, through its line of CQE Modular Cabinets, reiterates its continuous commitment to studying efficient and smart designs, with a view toward perfecting the functionality and performance of products intended to support projects and installations on a global level.

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