Polyamide connector straight female for connectors

Connector F.UNEF½
Connector F.UNEF½"-28 DN13 5100-10001228N8 Connector F.UNEF¾"-20 DN13 5100-10003420N8 Connector F.UNEF5/8""-24 DN13 5100-10005824N8 Connector F.UNEF 1""-24 DN15,8 5100-12000120N8 Connector F.UNEF ¾""-20 DN15,8 5100-12003420N8 Connector F.UNEF 5/8"-24 DN15,8 5100-12005824N8 Connector F.UNEF 11/16""-24 DN15,8 5100-12111624N8 Connector F.UNEF 15/16"-20 DN15,8 5100-12151620N8 Connector F.UNEF 1"-20 DN21,2 5100-17000120N8 Connector F.UNEF ¾"-20 DN21,2 5100-17003420N8 Connector F.UNEF 5/8"-24 DN21,2 5100-17005824N8 Connector F.UNEF 7/8"-20 DN21,2 5100-17007820N8 Connector F.UNEF 11/8"-20 DN21,2 5100-17011820N8 Connector F.UNEF ¾"-18 DN21,2 5100-17013418N8 Connector F.UNEF1"3/8-18ø21,2 5100-17013818N8 Connector F.UNEF9/16"-24ø21,2 5100-17091624N8 Connector F.UNEF9/16"-24ø21,2 5100-17131618N8 Connector F.UNEF15/16""-20ø21,2 5100-17151620N8 Connector F.UNEF1"7/16"-18ø21,2 5100-17171618N8 Connector F.UNEF1"-20 ø28,5 5100-23000120N8 Connector F.UNEF1"3/4-18 AD28,5 5100-23013418N8 Connector F.UNEF1"3/8-18ø28,5 5100-23013818N8 Connector F.UNEF1""3/16-18ø28,5 5100-23131618N8 Connector -F. UNEF 15/16-20 ø28,5 5100-23151620N8 Connector -F. UNEF1"7/16-18 ø28,5 5100-23171618N8 Connector -F. UNEF 1"-20 ø34,5 5100-29000120N8 Connector -F. UNEF 2"-18 ø34,5 5100-29000218N8 Connector -F. UNEF 1""¾-18 ø34,5 5100-29013418N8 Connector -F. UNEF 1"3/8-18 ø34,5 5100-29013818N8 Connector -F. UNEF 1"3/16-18 ø34,5 5100-29131618N8 Connector -F. UNEF 1""7/16-18 ø34,5 5100-29171618N8 Connector -F. UNEF 2"-18 ø42,5 5100-36000218N8 Connector -F. UNEF 3/4"-18 ø42,5 5100-36013418N8 Connector -F. UNEF 2"1/4 -16 DN42,5 5100-36021416N8 Connector -F. UNEF 1"3/16 -18 DN42,5 5100-36131618N8 Connector -F. UNEF 1""7/16 -18 DN42,5 5100-36171618N8 Connector -F. UNEF 2"1/4"-16 ø54,5 5100-48021416N8
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