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The role of DKC in the electrical installation sector is now firmly established: an efficient company active in the design, production and marketing of versatile and functional systems for a variety of application fields.

The use of premium-quality raw materials, the activities of our constantly up-to-date research teams, and attention to the latest market trends are the strengths that make the DKC range a precious ally for sector professionals.

DKC offers several product ranges, including Cosmec, RamBlock and Combitech.

With the Cosmec range, DKC proposes a varied offer of systems for the protection of electrical cables;

the range includes plastic and metal systems that ensure maximum reliability and safety for any type of installation, including those exposed to potential physical impact and weather risks.

All products are designed for optimised assembly and are subjected to systematic testing and in-house checks to ascertain their efficiency and reliability.

The extensive assortment of metal systems, consisting of rigid and flexible pipes, boxes, fittings and accessories guarantees safe and effective protection of electrical cables and systems against dust, water (IP66/IP68/IP69 protection rating) and corrosion. Thanks to their high level of resistance to mechanical tensile stress and impacts, UV rays, the detrimental effects of oils and solvents and electromagnetic shielding properties, the products of the range are ideal for systems used in the food processing, chemical and marine sectors, which are subject to very high temperatures and extreme conditions. 

On the other hand, the plastic systems, i.e. corrugated flexible pipes (made of polyamide or polyurethane), fittings and accessories are designed to simplify assembly operations without the aid of tools. Moreover, they guarantee compressive strength and resistance to impacts and protection against the action of chemical substances such as oils, petrol, acids and solvents. COSMEC plastic systems are halogen-free and self-extinguishing, with low toxicity and low smoke density, making them suitable for applications in the railway sector and on-board systems.

In recent years, the available range of applications has expanded with the Cosmec range, thanks to the introduction of Atex IECEx-certified products, designed for creating electrical systems in potentially explosive environments, up to zones 1/2 and 21/22 (EPL Db–Gb).

The range includes fittings, junction boxes, cable glands and components of extremely high quality.

For installations and applications in the industrial automation sector and for on-board systems, DKC markets the RamBlock range, designed to guarantee high standards of protection, safety and durability.

The RamBlock box range is available in various sizes and can be customised with a broad and extensive range of accessories.

The CE boxes feature a coated sheet metal structure with continuous welding along the joints. They are available in various standard heights, ranging from 300 mm to 1,400 mm, with single-leaf full door, double-leaf full door and transparent door.

The bottoms of CE boxes are standard-supplied with a cable inlet flange; the dimensions of the flange were recently updated by DKC to ensure a broader cable inlet surface and improved application versatility.

CDE junction boxes have a 1 mm-thick coated sheet metal structure with continuous welding along the joints and are available in three different versions: with screw-on cover, hinged cover and with cable inlet flange. The degree of protection is guaranteed by the polyurethane seal applied through continuous casting.

Both the CE and CDE boxes are also available in the AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel versions; this choice stems from the necessity to satisfy application needs for specific sectors, including the food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment and transport sectors.

All boxes of the CE and CDE series have four holes on the bottom that can be used to secure them to the wall directly or by means of appropriate brackets; the IP55/IP66 protection rating guarantees safe and durable application also in environments characterised by high temperatures, high levels of moisture and vibrations.

Lastly, the DKC Combitech range offers solutions for protecting and supporting cables in the construction of electrical systems by means of highly resistant, practical and durable metal ducting systems.

The range satisfies market needs in several fields of application including the industrial, commercial, marine, civil, IT and agricultural sectors.

The Combitech system is made up of:

Interlocking channels and cable trays (series C5); the straight elements feature the original “interlock” system obtained through special shaping of the ends. As a result, the use of linear joints is extremely limited. The system saves up to 60% of the time needed for assembly. The covers snap on to the base straight elements and, thanks to the continuous edging on the sides, are self-supporting. Moreover, the edging guarantees greater resistance to loads and allows for all the system covers to be assembled without using screws or clips. Electrical continuity of all the system components is also guaranteed.

The compatibility of Combitech range systems allows different types of cable trays to be used in the same project without having to use additional accessories or adapters.

The mesh-wire cable tray system (series F5) conforms to the highest construction quality standards and to international technical standards, since it conforms to the specifications of the CEI EN 61537 standard in force.

The structure of the mesh-wire cable tray ensures quick and easy assembly and helps reduce the costs of materials and workmanship. The T-welded butt wire design guarantees maximum safety for the installer and prevents damage to the cable during installation. The arrangement of the DKC mesh wire cable tray ensures improved ventilation of the cable duct, thus lowering its normal heating levels. Easy access to the cables is also guaranteed, resulting in less dust and dirt accumulation. The system requires the use of few accessories and is assembled directly on-site; this saves up to 60% of the assembly time, resulting in lower final costs for the system.  

The B5 series is a universal system of fastening elements and support systems,

suitable for use in electrical networks and control systems, telecommunications, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Its main feature is compatibility between its core components, which simplifies assembly operations since these require the use of screws only. All these aspects help to reduce the cost of materials and optimise installation times.

Thanks to its past experience and knowledge of today's resources, DKC reaffirms its ability to design innovative products that simplify installation operations and anticipate the trends of a competitive and constantly evolving market.

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