DKC Power Solutions, through the Hercules line, proposes the POWERTECH busbar trunking system

In response to a market increasingly oriented toward the use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, DKC Power Solutions, through the Hercules line, proposes the POWERTECH busbar trunking system.

A product that satisfies demands for versatility, technology, ease and safety of electrical energy transport and distribution, indispensable for efficient and optimal performance.

Compatible with two different rated currents, from 800A to 5000A with aluminium conductors and from 1000A to 6300A with copper conductors, POWERTECH offers numerous advantages including:

  • High quality of materials used
  • Easy installation
  • High capacity for adaptation to atmospheric agents
  • High fire resistance
  • No declassification regardless of the direction of installation


In technical terms, POWERTECH busbar systems are made using sandwich (compact) technology; specifically, the busbars are compacted and completely isolated to guarantee excellent electrical and mechanical performance and high tolerance against atmospheric agents.

The innovative and characteristic aspect of this solution is the possibility to modify the busbar system and its components directly in the workplace, modulating it according to specific needs.

In particular, POWERTECH allows special elements to be developed directly on-site starting from longer straight elements.

This aspect considerably reduces errors and avoids long waiting times for the delivery of special custom pieces required to complete a plant.


The high quality of products, developed in compliance with international standards, the proactive and prompt satisfaction of the market’s continuously evolving needs and the broad range of innovative and reliable products, makes DKC Power Solutions the perfect ally for high-powered busbar trunking systems.

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