DKC Europe's RamBlock line

Safety and efficiency in the protection and distribution of electricity

With the RamBlock Line, DKC proposes solutions for the carpentry of electrical panels, applicable in modern industrial plants and on-board machines for the distribution of low voltage energy.

The products, manufactured by employing modern sheet metal cutting and welding technologies, can be used to house electrical equipment and computers, or act as a control panel in the processes of industrial automation.


The range comprises:

- Enclosures for industrial automation (CQE Modular cabinet, CAE Welded monoblock cabinet and CAES Simplified monoblock cabinet)

The CQE and CAE models provide IP55 protection in the standard version. Under certain technical conditions and by using a single bottom (Fondo Unico), it can be upgraded to IP65.


- Enclosures (CE and CDE junction boxes)

The Enclosures feature a degree of protection of at least IP 55 in accordance with IEC EN 62208; EN 60529; TYPE 4/12 (depending on the version) in accordance with UL508A; UL50. The degree of protection is guaranteed by the bi-component polyurethane foam gasket and feature a degree of impact resistance of IK10 in accordance with IEC EN 62208; EN50102. Also available in stainless steel.


- Pulpits (Compact, Modular and Video version)

Available in three different versions, featuring a 15/10 thick sheet steel structure with continuous welding on the joints. The bottom of the case is equipped with a cable entry flange divided into two units and a 20/10 thick shelf closing door arranged internally for the fixing of two perforated profiles with 25 mm pitch.


- Load-bearing arm suspension systems (Light, Medium and Heavy versions)

Available in three configurations, they all feature aluminium alloy joints, steel pipes with RAL 035 paint finish and IP 54 degree of protection.


DKC's Vision focuses on assisting its customers in the design of highly customized products. The wide variety of sizes and formats of the RamBlock line, and the wide range of modular accessories - such as plinths, doors and panels - allow the customization of cabinets and pulpits to meet every need of the end user.


The high protection degree (IP66/IP55) of the enclosures and boxes designed by DKC ensures safe and durable applications even in environments characterized by high temperatures, high humidity and vibrations.

Values such as safety and efficiency can be seen in the daily work of operators in every phase of production: from design to implementation, without neglecting additional assembly and customer service. All models of the Ram Block line are designed and engineered to facilitate installation and maintenance operations and ensure an optimal overview for the installer.


With the RamBlock range, DKC emphasizes its constant commitment to an effective and intelligent design, aimed at perfecting the functionality and performance of products that support projects and installations on a global level every day.



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