DKC Power Solutions Hercules line

The complete range of busbar ducts to meet all transport and power distribution needs

The DKC Group, among the leaders in the design & production of cable tray systems and products for the electrical engineering, industrial automation, energy storage and management sectors, presents the Hercules line, a complete system of busbar conduits for the transportation and distribution of electricity offering solutions for medium and high power, small users and lighting fixtures.

The Hercules line, a part of the DKC Power Solutions division, includes three product ranges POWERTECH, DISTRITECH and LIGHTECH, manufactured in accordance with the CEI EN 61439-6 standard.

Distinguished by the use of highest quality materials, high degrees of resistance to atmospheric agents and highly functional innovative design, the Hercules line solutions allow safe and effective applications in industrial, commercial and civil infrastructure environments.


POWERTECH: BUSBAR Duct systems for High Power

The POWERTECH busbar duct was created as a result of the ever growing demand on the market for an effective, versatile and safe product that can be easily installed and customized to suit the application needs. 

It is available in the version with nominal currents ranging from 800 to 5000A, with aluminium conductors, and in the version with copper conductors and nominal currents ranging from 1000 to 6300A. POWERTECH features no de-rating in any direction of installation, and offers IP55 protection degree (IP66 on request) along with high resistance to atmospheric agents and fire, peculiarities that make it highly performant both in the cabin, as a transformer-square or panel-board connection, and in industrial, commercial and civil sectors for the main distribution power supply.

POWERTECH has been designed and patented for an efficient and rapid production of special pieces, thus optimizing production and customer response times.



The DISTRITECH busbar duct is available in the version with aluminium conductors and nominal current ranging from 160 to 630A, or, on request, in the version with copper conductors and capacity ranging from 250 to 800A.

Distinguished by its reduced weight, dimensions and IP55 protection degree with high resistance to fire and atmospheric agents, DISTRITECH includes a complete set of components necessary for the assembly of lines regardless of their complexity, through the practical monoblock connection system.

The junction boxes made in aluminium, just like the casing of the busbar ducts, are available in different sizes and formats to effectively meet any installation requirement. 



Lightweight, practical and resistant, LIGHTECH is the busbar ducts system with nominal current of 25A and 40A, ideal for the distribution of small appliances or lighting fixtures.

LIGHTECH straight elements are available with 2,4,6,8 or 12 conductors in aluminium casing (single or double) with IP55 protection degree and have been designed with an innovative plug-in connection that simplifies the assembly making it easier and faster.

The modern and functional design, along with the high degree of mechanical resistance to atmospheric agents make LIGHTECH busbar ducts the ideal solution for lighting in civil and commercial environments. 

The high quality of the products, manufactured in compliance with international standards, the proactivity in responding to customers' needs, and the wide range of innovative and reliable products, make DKC the ideal partner for all types of busbar ducts.

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