Efficiency and reliability for the protection, transport and management of electricity usage

DKC is the Italian Group leading in the design and manufacture of products, components and systems for professionals and specialized installers of electrical systems and industrial automation.

DKC's Vision consists in the vocation to support its customers in the design of highly customized products, suitable to meet every application need in the electro-technical and industrial automation segment. This objective is made possible thanks to a continuous listening to market developments, attention to the quality of the product manufacturing processes and the constant improvement of services.


The market associated with energy management is among DKC's business board priorities, which recognizes the importance of the fact that increasingly interconnected systems and applications must necessarily rely on IT Infrastructures called to offer increasing operational performance, as well as greater efficiency, scaling and above all reliability.

From these premises, and from the continuous research processes, DKC has further implemented its offer by formulating new cutting-edge solutions for the optimal and safe management of IT infrastructures, which combine the energy efficiency of its UPS with an advanced technology system to meet the needs of calculation and data processing even in delocalized installations.


Net One is the All in One solution that meets the needs of all companies that choose to entrust digital information processes in Edge Computing on premise. Consisting of a system with an air-conditioned Rack 19'' cabinet for data management, with linear and attractive aesthetics, Net One is ideal for the installation of IT infrastructures such as Compact Data Centers, Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity. Net One is equipped with an efficient air conditioning system, a latest generation UPS and a fire detection and extinguishing system. It is also controlled by an Embedded PC that allows, through an intuitive and effective interactive touch interface, to keep under control all the parameters of the cabinet, which can also be consulted online.


In particular,  it is important for DKC to manage thermal stress as one of the main causes of malfunctions and breakdowns of IT and electronic infrastructures: for this reason it is essential that the latest generation solutions are able to guarantee the minimum impact of critical issues and a continuous control of the efficiency of the systems.


Despite an increasingly "Cloud" scenario, this platform might not always be the best choice for information storage and access: many Italian companies choose to entrust the digital treasure of their information processes to Edge Computing, and NET ONE responds to this need.


The DKC Group has always combined quality, safety and efficiency in the daily work of its operators, supporting the ideas and projects that shape the electrotechnical world every day.

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