DKC for Coronavirus emergency

In support of the medical sector

April 2020 - In the emergency context that is engaging the country and the whole world, there are two principles that guide the DKC Group: the protection of the health of its human capital, which is considered a top priority, and the willingness to actively contribute to the joint effort being made to combat epidemiological spread. 

DKC's Management has, in fact, decided, in accordance with the Ministerial provisions, to suspend the production activities of its plants, with the exception, dictated by the urgency , of the Ram Batt and RGM divisions, whose production of components and systems is applied in the medical sector and is therefore an essential resource to ensure continuity of operations for companies operating in the front line on the territory.

  1. UPS (Info R Pro 3000) of the Ram Batt line have been delivered to a Home Care organization, dedicated to the supply of medical services and equipment, committed in this period to the treatment of respiratory diseases at home. The UPS will guarantee the operational continuity of lung ventilators in the event of a power failure.


  1. RGM, a DKC Group company, is strongly focused on the production of GAL, BM13 and AX0 series power supplies for biomedical machinery, used in the diagnosis of infectious diseases and for the recovery of critical patients suffering from acute renal failure.


  1. In response to the spread of the epidemic, DKC Russia, is contributing to the construction of the new hospital in Golokhvastovo, entirely dedicated to Covid-19 patients. The installation involves the use of more than 80 km of Combitech metal ducts, over 200 modular cabinets from the RamBlock line, RamBatt UPS, corrugated pipes and many other installation materials.

The facility, which is expected to be completed by mid-April due to the use of thousands of operators, will rise on the outskirts of Moscow and will cover an area of over 40 hectares. Aiding 500 patients (with 250 beds in intensive care), it will constitute a precious resource to face the epidemic.


The DKC Group's initiatives highlight the values that have always shaped its history: reliability, teamwork and collaboration that, more than ever before, can make a difference.

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