Manual operated conduit bending machine

CODE 6252-1640

Manually operated conduit bending machine. Three-speed portable manual conduit bending machine. Operated by turning a hand wheel which, thanks to a reduction unit makes the operation be extremely simple, even for conduits that have a diameter of Ø40mm and a thickness 1.5 mm. The angle of bending is calculated by the operator. A drill can also operate the tool once an appropriate gear has been fitted to the slow pin of the machine. Supplied complete with a convenient foldaway stand, a metal case in which to store the machine and its accessories, and the Ø16mm, Ø20mm, Ø25mm, Ø32mm, Ø40mm dies and counter-dies. Weight: 17 Kg Bending capability: Galvanised steel conduit, part no. 6008: from Ø16 mm to Ø40 mm * AISI 304 stainless steel conduit part no. 6700: from Ø16 mm to Ø32 mm

Characteristics table
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