Hydraulic punch + box CE

CODE 002452C

Hydraulic punch in box. The ideal portable tool for punching holes Fe 370 plate panels, stainless steel, plastic materials and aluminium alloy boxes. Uses normal punch bits requiring pre-piercing for the bits to be able to pass through. It comes in a handy carrying case. Punches and accessories to be requested separately. MAX working pressure: 70MPa (700 bar) Developed power: 55 kN PUNCHING CAPACITY: Round hole up to Ø72mm (Ø 48 mm with punches for stainless steel) Square hole up to 68x68mm Rectangular hole up to 46x92mm Thickness: 2 mm stainless steel AISI 304, 2,5 mm Fe 370 5 mm Aluminum and plastic materials

Characteristics table
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