Aluminium alloy feeder boxes four way G½"

CODE 6430-12

IP65 feeder boxes four ways. UNI EN 1706 (ex UNI 4514) die cast aluminium alloy feeder boxes with threaded mouthpieces. Produced with two, three or four paths, with mouthpieces that are vertical or perpendicular to cope with different kinds of installation requirements. The wrap-around lids and surface seals guarantee IP65 water tightness. They are supplied in moulded sheet aluminium. The screws for securing the lid as well as the grounding screws are made of galvanised steel, but can also be supplied in AISI 304 stainless on request. For the electrical system to operate correctly, the feeding boxes should be installed every 4 straight lengths of piping, which will avoid the possibility of the isulation being damaged whilst the cables are being fed through. UNI ISO 228 GAS cylindrical.

Characteristics table
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