Signal systems for internal traffic - 2 lights red/green

CODE 062220405

Materials In die-cast UNI EN 1706 AC - 46100 DF aluminium alloy. Reflectors moulded in polyamide resin with metallized mirror finish. Surfaces protected with RAL 1004 yellow coloured stove-enamelled synthetic paint. Characteristics: Cover to access the lighting apparatus with sun-shade, coulisse sliding system and stainless steel locking screw. 3x16 mm terminal block. Optical apparatus E14 built-in lamp holder for max 15 W round lamps Coloured acrylic resin moulded lenses with concentric internal prismal effect (78 with 2 lights - 56 with 3 lights). Dimensions Head dimensions 142 x 265 x 140 mm. Protection degree for /F versions IP 44 in compliance with CEI EN 60529, IK 08 according to CEI EN 50102. for /P - /CN versions IP 43 in compliance with CEI EN 60529, IK 08 according to CEI EN 50102. Applications To delineate/signal motorway by-passes or road junctions, traffic diversions due to abnormal, automatic gate movement, traffic handling in car parks, car washing systems, etc., remote controlled raffic light signals and repeats. Versions ../F - With opening at the bottom for assembly on 1 1/2” (Ø 48,3). .../P - For installation on walls or flat surfaces. Closed bottom part. .../CN - For installation on 140 diameter poles. Closed bottom part.

Characteristics table
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