C5 Perforated Straight Element 50x50 mt 3 5/10 ZS

CODE 5050821

Conform to EN 50085. Thanks to a particular shaping of the ends obtained by means of deep-drawing during the phase of sheet-steel bending, the connection between straight elements of C5 series is by an originale (Male/Female) snap-on. By virtue of this, the necessity to use linear joints is extremely limited. All the accessories of C5 series have a continuous border on the sides. In the center of each end of the widths there is a circular salient perforated area securing the electrical continuity. The continuous border on the sides (edges) guarantees a greater load resistance and allows mounting all the covers of the system with no necessity to use screws or clips. Various components are assembled with screws (with square under-head) nuts, washers, wich are to be ordered separately. The actual lenght of C5 straight elements is equal to L+30 mm. These 30 mm come to naught during the installation by virtue of our snap on system. Side perforation 10x7 mm. Widht perforation 19x7 mm.

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