Male connector G1"¼ ø42,5

CODE 5011-36114N

Straight male thread .They are produced in polyamide 6.6 and are constituted by a body, inside of which is housed an insert equipped with fixing clamps which act on the corrugated profile of the flexible conduit. They are self-extinguishing and free of ha- logen substances, silicone and cadmium. Ensure perfect compression strength and resistance to impacts. Have high resistance to oils and fuels and in particular to acids and solvents. • Ease of assembly and disassembly as it is not necessary the use of tools. • Excellent resistance to vibration and tearing. • Compact size that facilitate close installa- tion. • Low fume emissions in case of fire makes these conduits particularly suitable for applications in the railway sector and in all places where there is a greater risk of fire.

Characteristics table
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