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UPS TRIO XT is the new innovative range of three-phase UPS units, designed with latest generation technology to guarantee excellent performance (97%), determined by the multilevel inverter and efficient battery management in all operating modes.


The series proposes one of the highest power/volume ratios in the market and is subdivided into three compact models with respective power 30, 40 and 50 KW.


A high-tech communication system composed of a touch screen display combined with Generex remote monitoring software offers the final consumer faster and more intuitive system management, in addition to increased control over Real-Time measurements, operational status, alarms, history, configuration and settings.


Fields of application include all sectors where continuous operation and a stable power supply is required, including: central power supply systems for emergency lighting EN50171, networks, servers, medical equipment, tertiary sector, commerce and industry.


DKC, through the UPS TRIO XT line, offers a safe, high-quality solution, introducing a leading-edge and versatile product able to efficiently respond to market needs.

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