Cosmec junction boxes

Pritection and safety for high quality electrical installations

Choosing the right components to build the systems and developing the wiring is the first step towards true equipment reliability.

With the COSMEC line, DKC Europe offers a complete range of solutions for the protection of electrical cables and the realization of safe and reliable systems for any installation need.


COSMEC 6530 E 653s junction boxes meet installers' requirements with a Made in Italy product while finding a safe and effective application in the field of industrial automation on board machines, wherever there is a need to protect fixed electrical installations, for domestic or industrial use, indoors or outdoors.


Made of painted aluminium alloy, they are designed in accordance with the high standards of CEI EN 60670 and CEI 23-48. Characterized by IP EN 60529 IP66/IP67/IP69 degrees of protection, they guarantee resistance to impact, weather and dust (Impact resistance CEI EN 62262 IK08 at 20°C). In addition, they are ISO 9227 certified for resistance to salt spray corrosion for 720 hours and ASTM B117 for 500 hours (with surface notch), elements that make them reliable even in environments characterized by severe conditions or high humidity.


They are supplied with closed walls and a wrap-around lid, the polyurethane foam gasket (6530) and/or silicone (653s), already housed in the lid seat, ensures water tightness.


Both versions are complete with steel screws for the fixing of the cover and with 1 earthing kit; the boxes are prearranged with earthing blocks and for the application of plates, supports and accessories. The wall fixing is done by means of the external brackets incorporated in the base.


The range of DKC junction boxes has numerous format and size variants, which can be customized in the design stage to meet the different needs of end users.


After being systematically tested and verified internally to certify their efficiency and reliability, the boxes find application in many civil and industrial sectors, such as:




-Energy Production




-Chemical - Pharmaceutical


-Gas distribution centers

-Water treatment plants


Properties such as efficiency, durability and versatility reflect DKC's commitment and dedication to research to propose and produce increasingly competitive, functional, and durable solutions.

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