Design, efficiency and versatility for cooling, ventilation and protection of electrical enclosures

The DKC Group, a leader in the production of systems for the electrotechnical, industrial automation and energy storage and management sectors, introduces the RamKlima range, a complete range of solutions for the climate control and ventilation of electrical enclosures, ideal for all applications in which high temperatures risk damaging the internal components of the electrical panel and jeopardising its optimal operation.

The RamKlima system consists of air conditioners, air-water heat exchangers, Peltier effect-based coolers, fans and anti-condensate heaters, as well as a series of handy accessories and adapters. The solutions of the RamKlima range can be customised to satisfy diverse application requirements; they are manufactured in the Santa Palomba plant in Rome using the most efficient and innovative processing techniques to anticipate market trends.



The RamKlima range of air conditioners comes in a variety of models for cooling control panels and electrical enclosures, both indoors and outdoors, with solutions that can be adapted to any type of system configuration. Besides ensuring correct air conditioning of electrical panels, the air conditioners designed by DKC ensure high protection against water, dust and chemical substances, making them suitable for use in heavy-duty environments characterised by particularly high temperatures, such as food processing plants, steelworks or pharmaceutical plants. All indoor air conditioner models (TOP series) are equipped with a digital thermostat, display indicating high indoor temperature, remote on/off, contact for micro-door and serial control for remote monitoring (optional) and condensate water dissipator as standard.

-Indoor wall-mounted air conditioners, available in versions with 300 to 6,000 W cooling power.

-Outdoor wall-mounted air conditioners, available in versions with 500 to 6,000 W cooling power and special stainless steel versions. They guarantee optimal operation within a broad temperature range: –20°C / + 55°C.

This range includes outdoor air conditioners for severe environments and are the latest addition to the RamKlima range; an optimal solution for the climate control of electrical panels and for installations featuring extreme environmental conditions, typically found in steelworks, furnaces and heat treatment systems, all characterised by a high ambient temperature.

-Indoor roof-mounted air conditioners, ideal for cooling battery enclosures or for all those applications in which there is very limited space along the sides of the electrical panel. Available in versions with 500 to 4,000 W cooling power.

-Slim IN and Slim OUT air conditioners, specially designed for occupying the least possible space outside of the framework; they are suitable for cooling enclosures in batteries and for applications where space is extremely limited. Available with 500 to 4,000 W cooling power, SLIM IN air conditioners are designed with the machine body mounted inside the enclosure.

-Semi-built-in and SMART COOL air conditioners. The ideal solution for the air conditioning of small casings or for all space containment requirements. Available with 300 to 4,000 W cooling power.



The new DKC filter fan system is designed for solving all aeration and cooling problems in electrical enclosures and for all cases in which the ambient temperature (outside the enclosure) is lower than the desired temperature inside the electrical enclosure.

It consists of a fan unit and a grille with filter; the fan unit is available in various sizes to optimise air flow.

The co-moulded thermoplastic rubber seal ensures improved protection against water and dust, and features a high IP54 rating (in accordance with the EN 60529 standard).

The slot-in filter unit, the cover opening with button on the front and the elastic fixing clips ensure easy installation, considerably reducing setup time and eliminating the use of screws and tools.

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