Steeltecnica Line

Functional design, maximum safety and customization for distribution and power switchboards

The DKC Group, is among the main leaders in the design and production of cable tray systems and products for the electrotechnical and industrial automation sector, and presents the Steeltecnica line: a complete range of standard and customized solutions for the distribution of electrical energy.


The Steeltecnica Line is a division of DKC Power Solutions and offers four types of products that are perfectly tailored to all the plant engineering requirements of the electrical distribution and industrial automation sectors, guaranteeing maximum safety, ease of maintenance and efficiency, as a result of its many strengths.


- Modularity and integration: the switchboards are made with separate functional areas and can be perfectly integrated with modular equipment, moulded case and open circuit breakers that do not require additional drilling and/or adaptations.

- Customization and flexibility: the functional design that characterizes the Steeltecnica line along with the many combinations in width and depth, allow designers to customize the systems in accordance with the installation needs.

- Power and safety: switchboards with rated currents of up to 6300 A and 100kA Icw, with a protection degree ranging from IP30 to IP55, developed in accordance with the new CEI EN 61439-1.2 standards.



Technical reference point for panel builders and installers, with over 400,000 structures installed, the NORMA 50 installation system is composed of primary distribution solutions for the construction of Power Center type panels, with front and rear accessibility, and MCC (Motor Control Center) with fixed drawers and rated currents of up to 6300A. The NORMA50 range can be supplied with or without lock, at the customer's discretion. The copper or aluminium busbar distribution system with which it can be equipped is positioned on the central, upper or bottom part of the structure.

High performance and resistance to electromechanical stress make the NORMA 50 range the ideal solution for installation in petrochemical plants, steelworks and power plants, guaranteeing high levels of reliability even under extremely severe conditions.

Operators' safety is ensured as a result of the innovative segregation system, which protects them from direct contact during the installation and maintenance phases of the individual cells.



The NORMA40 and NORMA30 secondary distribution boards are designed to accommodate different plant requirements. The set of floor carpentry has been realized bearing in mind the need to simplify the wiring, while guaranteeing maximum safety and reliability to the operators. Both series have in common a single range of accessories, which can be easily integrated. The main distribution is entrusted to the copper or aluminium busbar system which is presented with different configurations.



The NORMA20 range is made up of wall mounted secondary distribution boards, allowing the installation of modular appliances from leading manufacturers for the construction of electrical boards in compliance with the CEI EN 61439-1 standard. Their structure can be customized in accordance with installation requirements, as a result of the compatible range of internal accessories & modular components and fixed moulded case switches up to 160A.


The ease of installation and maintenance is guaranteed by the flexibility of the structure: the roof of the NORMA20 range is removable, as is the bottom plate, which can be completely removed to simplify wiring.

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