Another step towards technological integration and the reinforcement of market leadership in the metal duct sector: this is the direction of DKC Group – specialized in designing and realizing solutions for the electrotechnical market and industrial automation – which on 26th of February 2021 acquires 100% of the shares of Sati Italy, Sati Tunisia and of Procan.

Gian Luca Marchi Boschini, already a member of the DKC board of directors, took the helm of Sati Italy together with Giuseppe Chiarlo, General Director, and Roberto Tassone, CFO.

An agreement signed at the end of last year when these companies were introduced into the share capital, in order to create synergy of skills, know-how and presence in the region, as well as to meet the market demand with highly competitive and high-performance tailor-made solutions and increasingly timely service.

Since the 1960s Sati Italy, with its headquarter in Rivoli (Turin) and 4 operations branches located throughout Italy, has been offered a wide range of products for electrical industrial systems, specializing in metal duct systems for cables. Since 2007 the foundation of Sati Tunisia has been increased development in the North African market.

DKC pursued its desire for growth and cross development by incorporating some organizations in its group which allow it to guarantee consistent implementation of their offers through high-tech solutions and a range of products, derived from a careful analysis of the market developments and perspectives.

 “Creating synergy between skills and know-how is a strategy that we always use in our Group” – Gian Luca Marchi Boschini has stated. “The incorporation of Sati Italy into DKC, along with the sister companies Sati Tunisia and Procan, was signed to maintain continuity of operations through the strong and consolidated experience of Sati in the electrical systems field. Thanks to this new partnership we will be considered, for all intents and purposes, the strongest Italian Group in the market of metal ducts, with technological solutions and high-level services”.

DKC achieved its leadership with more than 20 years in business supported by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. After its start in 1998 when the first site for corrugated pipes was founded in Tver (Russia) under Italian management, DKC appeared in Italy in 2008 during the national economic crisis and gambled on the local market with the launch of DKC Europe. It carried out a fortunate acquisitions policy which integrated important organizations bringing a gradual strengthening and confidence in the economic fabric of the country. This is further confirmed by the strategic investments aiming at innovation, the R&D activities and the acquisition of RGM in November 2019, a manufacturer of power conversion systems.

The acquisition of Sati Italy means simultaneous confirmation and development of a process with the aim of developing and strengthening the electrical material industry. This process is focused on the integration and industrial development in market which needs more integrated and high-performance partnerships. This acquisition puts an end to market disruption that has been taking place for years and strengthens the collaboration between DKC and electrical material distributors.

Today, DKC is one of the leading groups in its sector with a turnover of 440 million USD and more than 90 million USD in investments during the last three years; it has 40 sites/warehouses and 22 premises in 8 countries including 14 in Italy, as well as more than 3.700 employees worldwide; in 2019 DKC Europe, the operations unit in Italy, was also very highly ranked in the Top 100 Italian Excellences of the manufacturing sector.


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