GRAFI roadside cabinets

Reliable, modular and customisable

GRAFI is the new multipurpose and modular roadside cabinet system introduced to the market by DKC through the Conchiglia line. It is designed for use in electricity, telephone, gas-water distribution networks, traffic light systems and all outdoor systems in general, where every component is developed with a view toward integration into a larger, more functional, more competitive range.


DKC offers a totally renewed range where regulatory and safety aspects, modularity, customisation and aesthetics have been addressed and developed with one objective in mind: excellence.


The GRAFI series is divided into 4 modules of differing widths:

Grafi5/580mm    -        Grafi7/685mm   -        Grafi9/910mm  -          Grafi12/1150mm

For each of the base modules, there are 9 possible variants in height from 420 to 1840mm and two depths from 330 to 460 mm


Designed with two IP protection ratings (IP44 and IP45) and with IMQ certification, the GRAFI series offers numerous advantages, also thanks to special features designed to enhance the high degree of electrical and mechanical reliability of the new range:


  • new access handles to compartments with customisable mechanisms (key/triangle/padlock etc.),
  • stainless steel door hinges,
  • availability of accessories to develop electrical panels with modular equipment,
  • integration within the same structure of different types of accessories (Modular DIN-Rack 19”-Shelves-Inner doors),
  • monobloc side panels even in versions with multiple compartments.


In particular, the Conchiglia line focuses on several essential aspects in total harmony with the production values of DKC, forever committed to providing a strategic response to all industry needs.

Customisation of the structure of compartments, allowing both the execution of multiple compartments in different sizes and the reversibility of the door handing.

Modularity in 3 dimensions - vertical, horizontal and in depth - thanks to the total absence of overhangs in the external shell.

Functional design, allowing components to be integrated with maximum ease in any type of environment (classic, modern, historical or avant-garde urban landscapes).

Reliability determined by a design based on compliance with international standards regulating the industry


Finally, DKC once more confirms its high level of quality, reliability and safety, guaranteed as always, introducing new concepts of modularity and multi-functionality to the greatest extent.

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