Universal connector for PVC flexible conduits M63 flexible conduit 50 grey 7035

CODE 6188-5063B

Universal connector for PVC flexible conduits, grey RAL7035 colour. These connectors commonly referred to as universal, because in addition to the possibility of their being used on different types of flexible conduits they can also be used as fixed or swivelling, depending on requirements. Made of PVC they consist of a body with cogged elastic sections, a clamping nut and a threaded end fitting, which, in addition to swivelling, can also become fixed through the fitting of a small axial extension. The conduit is coupled to the connector by tightening the nut on the body of the connector. This will cause the elastic section to deform, blocks the conduit, and results in a perfect mechanical seal. The particular care and attention that goes into producing these connectors ensures a perfect fitting of cables without any risk of coating damage. ISO metric in compliance with CEI EN 60423, with locknut.

Characteristics table
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