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Nickel plated brass patented quick coupling fittings ø16 - M. M16 IP67 conduit-box

CODE 6111-A16N

Conduit-box connectors made of nickel plated brass which is then nickel plated in order to improve resistance in face of the hard environmental conditions in which they are going to be used. The connector is coupled to the conduit by means of a patented device consisting of a system of steel balls that, on the basis of the truncated conical shape of the inside of the connector, will lock the conduit once it has been inserted. This ensures increased levels of resistance to traction and guarantees electrical continuity in compliace with CEI EN 61386 Standard. Electrical continuity is guaranteed in time because the ball bearings do not scratch the galvanization on the conduit, which prevents possible areas of oxidation. The system’s IP66/IP67 seal is guaranteed by a toroidal seal inserted into the conduit; to ensure that this requisite is met, a number of elementary instructions must be followed: - the conduit must be cut orthogonally and burrs removed to avoid damage to the seal and cable coating during insertion; - join the two pieces by pushing the conduit that is inserted and gently rotate to overcome seal resistance. The semplicity of the installation of these connectors, that allows a big reduction of installation times, had a great success, so much to replace all the other solutions of connection between conduits. To cope with different installation requirements, there are different kind of connectors: conduit-conduit, rigid conduit-flexible conduit, conduit-box, conduit-female thread. The particular care in processing these connectors, can ensure a perfect fitting of cables without any risks of coating damages. Iso Metric in compliance with CEI EN 60423 Standard (in accordance with CEI EN 61386 Standard)

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