Duct Piercer complete of punches M16-20-25-32

CODE 002250

Duct piercer. Hydraulic hand tool designed to punch cable ducts in metal or plastic materials, without pre-hole. The rotating motion of the punch head makes it possible to pierce already-installed ducts just 16 cm from the wall. Equipped with a pressure-relief valve to safeguard the equipment against improper use. The materials utilized in the construction of the head keeps the total weight of the tool to just 3 kg. It comes in its own case, equipped with 16,2, 20,4, 25,5 and 32,5 mm Ø punches; a 40,5mm Ø bit is available on request. Max thickness: 1 mm (stainless steel) 1,2 mm (Fe 370)

Characteristics table
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