Die cast aluminium alloy copper plated nickel junction boxe 90x90x53

CODE 65300N

Aluminium alloy copper plated nickel junction boxes made of aluminium alloy EN AB46100 (formerly UNI 5076) in compliance with UNI EN 1676 standard; nickel- and copperplated. The thick electrolytic coating provides elevated resistance to atmospheric agents and its appearance is similar to that of copper alloys, including aging. They are supplied with closed walls and wraparound cover; the polypurethane foam seal pre-fitted into the cover guarantees a seal level. Complete with AISI 304 copper-plated stainless steel screws to fasten the cover and 1 grounding kit code no. 66950074A, they come equipped with blocks for grounding and attaching plates, brackets and accessories. They are attached to the wall using the external brackets included in the base of the box. Each item is packaged individually

Characteristics table
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