Road signal with 1 LED lamp

CODE 061332508

Materials Top made of white polyamide resin. Tubular support made of high molecular density polythene with high resistance to UV rays. AISI 304 stainless steel screws. 4 x 16 mm² terminal block supplied. Optical apparatus Lamp consisting of 47 7 cd amber colored LEDs, wavelength 592 nm distributed on two independent circuits: 36 LEDs on outer circular crown with inner diameter 95mm – outer diameter 145 mm (power input 2,4 VA) and 11 LEDs on central surface with outer diameter 60 mm (power input 1.2 VA). Orange colored upper reflex reflector (diameter 80). Removable coulisse sliding cover for access to optical apparatus can be closed with a latch by means of a tool. Top dimensions 210 x 423 x 128mm. Power supply By means of control units CSE3/220/50/13 - CSE3/220/50/23; input voltage 230 Vac; output voltage 48 Vac. Protection degree: IP 43 in accordance with CEI EN 60529. Protection against impact: IK 08 in accordance with CEI EN 62262. Protection degree of optical apparatus: IP 67 in accordance with CEI EN 60529. Applications: Exits, bends and dangerous sections. Roundabouts and cross-roads. Acceleration and deceleration lanes motorways and highways. Versions ..../F - For mounting on tubular support 1 1/2” G (diam. 49) with smooth end.

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