Measuring group box GTI/DS4556 - Without lock

CODE 075180208

Materials SMC moulded (fibreglass) - grey RAL 7040 color. Characteristics Cover striped and hinged to enclosure body complete with closure by means of ENEL standard lock which can be opened using double key: triangular key to be used exclusively by ENEL and with safety cylinder with different encryption for user. Internal aeration obtained by means of labyrinth on cover perimeter. Direct fixing of metering unit (old type); mounting on ENEL standard board in case of new electronic meter. Protection degree IP44 in compliance with CEI EN 60529; IK 10 according to CEI EN 62262. Suitable for direct mounting of electronic meters: - Max n°2 meter unit integrated single-phase type GMI-GMY - n°1 meter unit integrated three phase type GTI-GTY - Max n°2 single-phase for power up to 10Kw type GEM and GISM. Fixing with n°1 base T5 A2 (serial 286103). - Max n°1 single-phase +n°1 three phase for power up to 10Kw (single-phase) type GEM E GISM and 20Kw (three phase) type GET2A and GIST. Fixing with n°1 base T5 A2 (serial 286103) e T5 A4 (serial 286142). - Max n°2 three phase for power up to 16.5Kw type GET2A, up to 30Kw type GIST. Fixing with n°2 bases T5 A4 (serial 286142).

Characteristics table
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