Lamp-post terminal block+cover plate ø95-105 / 4 poles / 2 fuseholders

CODE 052502127

Materials Cover plate body moulded in reiforced plastic (Pa6-R V12). Terminal block container, specific for the realization of the entire system, moulded in self-extinguishing fiberglass reinforced polyamide resin (Standards UL-94) and anti-tracking CTI 600 (in accordance with IEC 112). Locking screws made of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic material with special saw toothed thread. Sealing gasket made of polyurethane foam resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays. Insulating base moulded in CTI 600 arc-resistant (in accordance with IEC 112) and self-extinguishing polyamide 6 (UL-94 standards). OT 58 (UNI 5705) terminals with 3 ways for pole. Characteristics For 45x186 slots with half-rounded tops. Locking screws with patented triangular head to imprint operated with specific key supplied. Class II enclosure (double insulation) in accordance with CEI 64-8/4. Conductors screwed in separately with AISI 304 stainless steel screws (countersunk hex type). The terminal block is fixed to the pole by means of screws that project from the terminal block body and block it against the front wall of the pole. For ø 88 - 116 poles (RESET 20-21-22): Rated voltage 450V - maximum current 30A. Fuse holder for 5x20 mm micro glass fuses, voltage 250V, capacity 10A. Wire tightening 1.5 - 2.5 mm². Protection degree: IP43 of enclousure installed; system RESET installed: IP66 in compliance with CEI EN 60529, IK08 according to CEI EN 62262 in compliance with standard EN 40-2 (09/2003). Installation: For flush mounting on conical and tapered poles min. diameter 88 mm - max 168 mm (measured from height of slot) with 45x186 mm slot with half-rounded heads. Max. thickness of poles 3-4 mm.

Characteristics table
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