Fiberglass top unit CV 720x381x450 / Without lock

CODE 073350019

Materials Moulded in SMC (fiberglass) - grey RAL 7040 color. Internal hinges in polyaryla-mide-based fiberglass- reinforced thermoplastic resin (IXEF). External metal parts made of stainless steel or tropicalized steel painted grey and electrically insulated from the inside. Characteristics In compliance with CEI EN 62208 standards. Rated insulation voltage Ui 690V. Hinged door complete with cremone-type bolt operated by a retracting handle with Y21 individually-keyed safety lock. Partition complete with fairleads. Lower and under-roof air vents for natural ventilation inside. Mounting plate equipped with brass inserts buried in the moulding so as to allow equipment to be applied directly or through the mounting plate itself. The effective dimensions shown in the Table indicate the maximum space available for the equipment in compliance with the features specified by standard CEI EN 62208 (effective protected space). Protection degree IP44 in compliance with CEI EN 60529; IK 10 according to CEI EN 62262. WL versions - without lock. Pre-engineered for installation of series SCS86/.. - SCM86/.. locks to order separately.

Characteristics table
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