Door for Lamp-Post octagonal /Aluminium alloy/ slot 45x186

CODE 052300001

Materials Cover plate in die-cast UNI EN 1706 AC - 46100 DF aluminium alloy. Bracket fastening screws made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Fixing brackets in die-cast UNI EN 1706 AC - 46100 DF with nontarnishing spring type turning system. Seal in flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Characteristics For 45 x 186 hatches with semi-rounded ends. For installation in octagonal poles with a circumscribed diameter of at least 105 mm. Angle of adaptation to pole 135°. Used along with MVV - MGN - MGV (for pole diameters of more than 133 mm) series junction boxes with double insulation. Bracket fastening screws with special hemispherical triangular shaped heads and semi-rounded sides (trademark application pending), and tightened with the special supplied key. Protection degree IP 54 in compliance with CEI EN 60529, IK 10 according to CEI EN 62262.

Characteristics table
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