Derivation box - Pa6V0/equipped - 156x156

CODE 027161116

Materials Pull box complete with quadricore multiple terminal strip made of PA6V0 thermoplastic material, protection degree IP20. Pull box body and cover in polyamide thermoplastic material PA6V0+30% glass fiber. Grey RAL 7035 color. Cover with anti losing screws. Thermoplastic rubber seal able to withstand the weather conditions. Characteristics Can be bored in order to install accessories for cable inlet/outlet/shunts such as: pipe/pull box unions; fairleads; tapered fairleads, 4 of which are positioned square to each other at 90° in relation to the perimeter of the pull box or, alternatively, 3 at 45° in the lower part of the box*. Cover with anti losing screws. Applications/Installations For industrial systems, for public lighting, to power distribution panels with uni/multicore cables. For outdoor installation on walls fixed by means of nails or plugs, built into walls or fixed to poles with the fixing bracket (to be ordered separately) in systems with pre-wired overhead cables. Class II version. Protection degree IP 54 in compliance with CEI EN 60529, IK09 according to CEI EN 62262. UPM16/10/V: with sectionable fuse holder for 8.5x31.5 fuse. UPM25/10/V: with sectionable fuse holder for 10.3x38 fuse. *The Octogonal plastic boxes are furnished complete of 3 tapered fairleads.

Characteristics table
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