Box with pedestal/alluminium alloy - 515x506x293 - 2compartments

CODE 044671246

Materials UNI EN 1706 AC - 44100 DF corrosion protected by galvanic anodizing. Closed-cell neoprene rubber seals. Mounting plate in pre-galvanized steel sheet. Anchor frame in hot dip galvanized steel with nuts and bolts in AISI 304 stainless steel. Characteristics Interior and exterior surfaces protected with RAL 7000 grey stove-enamelled epoxy paint. Hinged cover closed by knobs with anti-loosening brass screws acting on brass inserts and with single-cipher safety lock (Y21 - Y12). Cover can be quickly demounted and mounted (only with box open) to facilitate wiring and servicing operations. Cable input-output from inside the base. For outdoor use wherever there is no fixed bearing support, such as roads, squares, pavements, etc. The supplied anchor frame allows the pillar box to be installed on the foundation casting in a rational and levelled way. Applications For underground power distribution networks and systems with uni-multipolar cables, for metering, control, monitoring and signalling panels, for telephone connections. Protection degree IP 55 in compliance with CEI EN 60529 and IK 10 according to CEI EN 50102.

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