Anti fog signallers road markers-Two way right side

CODE 061253100

Materials Head body made of black polyethylene with high mineral density and resistance. Polycarbonate and transparent screen lamp UV resistant. Waterproof multipolar connector for connection to the power cable. 3 round reflectors of diameter 80' mm (2 on the front and 1 in the back) orange color according to road normative. Characteristics Flashing classes in accordance with UNI EN 12352:2006. Fixed light L2H-P1-C yellow 1-R0-A0-F1- O0-M3-T1-S0. Flashing light L2H-P1-C yellow 1-R0-A0-F2-O1-M3-T1-S0. Optical apparatus LED Lamp of 100 mm diameter with 65 amber color LED made of 2 strait beam candles to 30 degrees. Internal light made with 26 LED - the outer ring made with 38 LED. On the back of the head there is an appropriate horizontal and vertical adjustment system for the beam angle with +/- 5°. Power 48 Vac Power. Operation through unit CSE3/230 /…; alternating light internal / external; fixed light; light whip. Applications Road lanes and highways. Roundabouts, crosses, dangerous zones of roads and highways. Versions • Left: 3 diameter 80 mm round reflectors (2 on the front and 1 on the back) orange, according to road normative. • Right one-way: 1 anterior rectangular reflector size 5x18 cm, orange, according to road normative. • Right two-way: 2 reflectors (1 front color red and 1 rear color white) rectangular size 5x18 cm, according to road normative. Executions • To be placed on the viable road surface, on the left or right side of the road, one way or twoway, with foot made of a high density white polyethylene, with a tang for pipe triggering, 45 x 45 mm fixed in the ground. • For laying down on guard rail and new jersey, with metal brackets in galvanized steel and steel tightening bolts. • Suitable for use in remote operation systems for the functioning of flashing lamps for danger signalling and continuing lamps for the realization of an anti fog luminous guide. The LSA25 signaller can be applied on: • Universal pedestal made in thermoplastic material for right or left carriageway; • Metal bracket in galvanized steel for application in guardrails with 100 mm fitting for left lane; • Metal bracket in galvanized steel for application on pole with 40 mm diameter in a left low guardrail

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