Anti fog signallers road markers-Two way right side

CODE 061223103

Materials Made of black polythene with mineral fillers having high density and resistance. Transparent lamp shield made of polycarbonate resistant to UV. Optical apparatus LED lamp diameter 100 mm with amber-colored 65 LED narrow beam 30° with max. Emission of 120 candelas. System for horizontal and vertical adjustment of lamp light beam. 3 round reflex reflectors diameter 80’ mm (2 on the front and 1 at the back), orange-colored, in accordance with road regulations. Power supply 12 Vac. Characteristics Suitable for connection to remote management systems for flashing operation, for danger signals and continuous signals for realization of an antifog luminous guide. Watertight multiple-pole connector for connection to power cable. Dimensions: 125 x 510 x 100mm.

Characteristics table
Technical drawings
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