DKC Europe: a solid reality of the Italian industry

The group is among the top 100 Italian excellences in the manufacturing industry according to the recent Leanus survey conducted on 250,000 companies

In January 2020, the prestigious economic newspaper “Milano Finanza” published the ranking of the Top 500 companies with revenues ranging from 2 to 250 million euros,  the result of the analysis of the balance sheet data of 250,000 Italian companies was conducted by Leanus, the innovative platform that prepares the financial statements of companies with different valuation methods and highlights their welfare index. In this virtuous context DKC Europe ranks among the top 100 Italian excellences as a result of the excellent performance recorded.


DKC Europe, one of the leaders in the international market for cable tray systems and solutions for protection, transport, energy distribution for civil and industrial infrastructure, began its successful path in 1998 when the first corrugated pipe production plant was opened in Tver (Russia). Over the years, DKC Europe has expanded its production facilities and the range of products offered, also betting on the Italian market, where it entered in 2008 with an acquisition strategy that led to the integration of major Italian companies in the sector.


A targeted strategy that reflects DKC Europe's constant attention to the identification of outstanding companies in the electro-technical industrial segment, in addition to a wise interpretation of market developments, and the ability to capture new dynamics and prospects, such as the growing demand for solutions related to energy management.


This is the logic behind the latest acquisition dated November 2019, through which the Ligurian company RGM SpA, a specialized manufacturer of power conversion systems, became part of the DKC Group, this confirming the growth ambition that DKC Europe has in the industrial and domestic energy management segment.


Italy is a country with many peculiarities that make it a special territory. These include a socioeconomic fabric that has always been made up of entities which, with seriousness and dedication, face challenges with an approach that includes both acumen and genius, which never give up: companies like DKC Europe that embody the positive values of our production tradition, always believing in growth, diversification and commitment.

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